Gecko Session

AI & Gecko: How it works, how it's implemented, and why it's a big deal

Jonny Richardson
Head of AI, Gecko

Ready to elevate your AI knowledge in Higher Education? In this session Gecko’s Head of AI, Johnny Richardson, explores the dynamic world of AI technology, focusing on its pivotal role in higher education.

Tap play to discover:

  • The power of generative AI, a revolutionary tool that crafts new content based on the prompts you feed it, and explore its impact on society.
  • Learn how ChatGPT is transforming education, from writing reports to creating art.
  • Understand the key to maximizing AI tools and the limitations of current AI models.

Spoiler alert: In the final 5 minutes, Jamie, Senior Account Executive at Gecko, takes the stage to present a live demo, crafting a custom chatbot in under 60 seconds!

When you're finished watching the session, have a go at creating your own personalized bot here: